Mar 24, 2014 8:50 PM by Joanna Wise

Spring season could impact future tumbleweed problem

Tis' the season for tumbleweeds. So many, we had to ask: what's next year going to be like with all the reseeding?

Tom Laca, the agriculture and natural resources agent with the Pueblo Couty Cooperative Extension, says it comes down to two factors- timing and weather.

"All the rain we got in September, it was too late for the grasses to grow," said Laca. The the weeds took advantage of the fall storms. 

Laca says what we really need in order to curb tumbleweed growth is moisture and rain early on in the spring season. That will give native plants a chance to thrive and it will suppress the tumbleweeds.

An extra tidbit- guess how many seeds an average tumble weed plant holds?





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