Sep 12, 2012 9:13 PM by Siera Santos,

Spike in coffee prices may affect your daily fix

Your morning "pick-me-up" could soon be a downer for your wallet.

The price of coffee rose for the fourth consecutive month, increasing by more than $0.10 per pound for December.

Coffee bean crops flourish in a dry climate. Heavy rainfall in South American countries has produced smaller harvests, which means bigger prices for coffee consumers. Colombia is the second largest producer of Arabica coffee beans in the world, but with wet weather, the country's harvests continue to dwindle.

This week, Montague's Coffee House in Colorado Springs found out their roaster will raise his prices.

"The last time he raised them to us, we didn't raise our prices. We know it's hard for everybody, but if he raises them, we'll have to raise our prices as well," says owner David McIntosh.

Coffee makes up 25-percent of McIntosh's sales. In the past, he raised the price of their standard cup of Joe by only one penny, but customers still noticed the difference.

"It's one of those things you either accept and go on or you stop drinking coffee," McIntosh says with a smile.

"We hope they don't do that because it's a big part of our business and we like serving coffee and we like making people feel comfortable here in their surroundings."



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