Jul 16, 2010 10:25 AM by Bea Karnes, News First 5

Special effects rule in new movies

Mind-blowing magical mysticism is on the marquis at your local movie theater this weekend.

Jay Baruchel gets a job with really good benefits in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." This modern-day take on the classic cartoon casts Nicolas Cage as the master magician. He's trying to defend Manhattan from an evil wizard, but he needs help, so the resourceful sorcerer recruits the spellbound Baruchel and gives him a crash course in conjuring.

It'll take all the courage the college man can muster just to survive the training, let alone take a stand against the forces of darkness. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is rated PG-13.

Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio uses a different sort of sorcery in the sci-fi thriller "Inception". He plays a corporate dream thief, a man hired to steal secrets from subconscious minds as they sleep. He and his team create different dreamscapes for different jobs, which makes for some mind-bending visual effects dreamed-up by "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan.

DiCaprio must navigate those surreal settings without getting caught while memories from his own past and an unknown enemy haunt him at every turn. "Inception" is rated PG-13.



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