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Oct 7, 2013 6:30 PM by John Dissauer

Space Sightings

Temperatures will remain warm for a couple more days and then we should see cooler air arrive in time for the weekend.

For tonight expect to see mainly clear skies.  There is a band of clouds over eastern Nevada I wouldn't be surprised drift in to parts of the KOAA viewing area overnight.  Lows will be in the 30°s and 40°s.

Mainly sunny skies for the viewing area Tuesday.  Winds will be out of the south and southwest at 7-15 mph.  Highs will be in the 70°s and 80°s.



The International Space Station will be visible over southern Colorado during the next couple evenings.  It is a great opportunity to do a family activity.  Grab the kids and head outside and watch an object fly approximately 220 miles overhead that weighs 816,000 pounds.

Here is the information as to when it will be visible, for how long and where in the sky to look.

Monday Night:
When: 7:14pm
Visible for 3 minutes.
Where: Starts in S sky and exits ESE.Monday Night:

Tuesday Night:
When: 8:02pm
Visible for 4 minutes.
Where: Starts in SW sky and exits NNE.

Wednesday Night:
When: 8:02pm
Visible for 6 minutes.
Where: Starts in SW sky and exits ENE.

I hope you get a chance to go out and take a look at it. - Meteorologist John Dissauer


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