Oct 31, 2012 7:31 PM by Lacey Steele

Some pets love costumes, others should remain clothes and stress-free

Ghosts and Ghouls take over streets around the world on Halloween night, but underneath those disguises you won't always find a human.

Many people like to dress up their four-legged friends.

We have some tips for pet outfits that go beyond Halloween to any clothes you may put on them.

"The pumpkin is always popular," said Judy Dorland, a shift manager at Party America in Pueblo. "You can see we have one left."

Halloween pet costumes can be fun, but you'll want to make a safe choice.

"Nothing that's going to make them too hot," said Dr. Tiffany Barr, a veterinarian and part-owner at Mesa Veterinary Clinic in Pueblo. "Nothing that's going to be too tight. Nothing that's going to pinch or rub in the wrong places."

Plus, be sure to watch your pet's behavior.

"If they're really fighting you on it, I would just let them be," said Dorland.

"If they hate it and their miserable with it, then I say it's probably not for that pet," said Dr. Barr.

Dorland sells costumes, and she definitely knows what her dog hates.

"She's old, and she would just try to fight us and try to take it off," said Dorland. "I do have a friend who has a smaller dog, and he loves to be dressed up."

If that's your plan for your pet, try to ease them into clothes.

"Start slow with something that's pretty comfortable to them, or start when they're puppies," said Dr. Barr.

Because if you force them to wear it...

"They're going to associate dressing up or going around with something very stressful, as opposed to something that could be enjoyable for them," said Dr. Barr.

This goes for any clothing you may put on your pet throughout the year.

If they act different, you may want to let them run clothes-free to keep them happier.



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