Oct 10, 2012 7:22 PM by Bill Folsom

Smoking ban in Acacia Park under review

There is the possibility of a smoking ban in Colorado Springs' Acacia Park. It is something city and business leaders are looking into to help with downtown improvements.

Colorado Springs Mayor, Steve Back mentioned the idea in a speech Wednesday. His staff says it is a suggestion by business owners near the idea and he has asked for research and more information.

Some Acacia Park regulars have no doubt a ban would change the atmosphere there. "If smoking was banned this park would definitely cease to be a hang-out for the common folks," said street performer, Sean Carlos.

It is not a new idea. The American Non-smokers Rights Foundation lists over 650 municipalities in the United States with bans on smoking in some or all of their city parks. It is a very diverse list that includes New York City. Reasoning behind smoking bans in parks are things like discouraging loitering, preventing litter, and also promoting parks as a place for healthy activities.

Activities like riding skateboards and bikes are already banned on downtown sidewalks. In Acacia Park there are also many rules and regulations like no alcoholic beverages allowed.



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