Mar 24, 2014 8:49 PM by Bill Folsom

Smoke Detectors and Renter Responsibility

Pushed from their rented homes, many residents of the Devonshire Square Apartments complained they did not hear alarms in the hallways. They were right, but it was also not a mistake or anything suspicious. It is an older complex built before current fire codes requiring fire alarm systems. Unless there is a major structural remodel, the building gets to go by the code when it was built.

No matter how old the building, smoke detectors within individual units are required no matter how old the building. The landlord has to make sure the equipment is installed and working when a tenant moves into the unit. Once the renter moves in, the responsibility shift to them. "So when they lease that apartment it's got to be working and operable, but it's up to the tenants to maintain those smoke alarms," said Colorado Springs Fire Marshal, Brett Lacey.




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