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Dec 14, 2009 2:21 PM by Brenden Higgins

Simple procedure provides relief to longtime allergy sufferers

Study after study confirms bad allergies severely affect people's quality of life.

Most people deal with allergies just a few times a year.

But there was nothing seasonal about David Fisher's allergy symptoms.

"It used to keep me from sleeping, it would keep me from breathing," Fisher said. "I was basically a mouth breather at work all day," explained Fisher.

And there is nothing mild about Candace Williams' allergies.

She describes her allergies as a total nightmare with constant fatigue that Williams hopes is coming to a swift end.

Dr. Craig Schwimmer of the "Snoring Center", in Dallas, Texas is about to gently place what Williams hopes is a magic wand in her nose.

It's a simple, quick office procedure called Turbinate Coblation that shrinks the area along the nasal wall.

Williams is praying that the year round allergy symptoms she has will almost disappear like Fisher's did.

"It was just night and day, how much I could breathe through my nose as compared to before," said Fisher.

Even while having gone through dozens of prescription and over the counter sprays and pills to no avail, Fisher could finally sleep at night and concentrate during the day after having the $1,500 Turbinate Coblation procedure.

"You can dramatically change their quality of life because people who are congested and have pressure are really miserable," said Otolaryngologist Dr. Craig Schwimmer.

Turbinate reduction used to require a general anesthesia and incisions.

With Turbinate Coblation, there's a ten minute procedure and in most cases almost instant relief.

"Of all the procedures I currently do, this is the one, without a doubt, that has the most consistent and dramatic patient satisfaction," said Dr. Schwimmer.



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