Jul 7, 2014 7:45 PM by Greg Dingrando

Significance of Pres Obama fundraiser for CO Senate seat

COLORADO SPRINGS - President Obama is making a trip to Colorado rallying support for Senator Mark Udall.

The President will be flying into Denver Tuesday night on Air Force One. He'll give a public speech on the economy Wednesday morning, then he'll headline a private fundraiser for Senator Udall, who's in a tight race with Republican Congressman Cory Gardner.

The visit caught a lot of people off guard. In fact, Senator Udall himself won't even be there for the President's speech in the morning, because he'll still be in Washington, but he will be there for the fund raiser in the afternoon.

The President rallying for other candidates is nothing new, but political analyst Josh Dunn said it sends a clear cut message to both parties that this seat is very much up for grabs.

"Just a few months ago this was a race Democrats thought was really safe, but now its in the toss up column. its really close." said Dunn.

In the U.S. Senate, "close" makes it one of the most critical races in the country.

"It's important because it's competitive and Republicans are trying to take control of the Senate. If they pick up Colorado it means they'll come pretty close," said Dunn.

So close that Democrats are bringing out the big gun.

"Obviously Obama is still the biggest draw in the Democratic party with a close second being Bill Clinton. He can come in and quickly raise a lot of cash for a candidate," said Dunn.

Despite the addition of thousands of dollars into Udall's campaign, Dunn said President Obama's visit could end up back firing when it comes to the issues.

"It also comes with risks though because Obama's negative ratings are high and getting higher. People are still unhappy about Obamacare so the fact that he's coming here is going to remind people of Udall's connection to Obamacare," said Dunn.

How the President's visit goes over this week will be a big factor in determining if he'll be coming back a second time before November, but of course the biggest factor will be how close the race is.

Dunn said both parties are constantly polling to get a feel for who's winning. Something that could change multiple times between now and election day.



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