Dec 1, 2012 8:32 PM by Siera Santos,

Should tetherball become an Olympic sport? One seven-year-old thinks so!

It's a staple on playgrounds across the country: tetherball.

And one seven-year-old from Denver wants to see tetherball taken from the playground to the national stage.

"I was playing with my dad one day and I asked, 'Why isn't tetherball an Olympic sport?'" Ruby Harris explained, "And he said, 'You can make it one.'"

Ruby was inspired to take her passion to the next level. That night, the second-grader drafted a letter to the Olympic Training Center at her grandparents' house and a few weeks later, she got a response.

To her surprise, the Olympic Training Center invited Ruby and her family to tour the campus and show Olympic athletes how to play. On Saturday afternoon, Ruby and her little sister Katherine had the professionals working up a sweat.

"It gives your arms a little strength. It's fun. Also, it's a very good way of exercising too... well, at least I think," Ruby said with a giggle.

Ruby is proof that kids opinions and ideas can be put into action. Her dad says the experience has boosted her confidence.

"A good lesson for kids is to write a letter and to know your voice does count and somebody is actually listening," said Andrew Harris, Ruby's father.

As far as tetherball goes, he speculates Ruby may be on to something.

"It's an up-and-coming sport. It's good action. It's fast," he said.

Although it's not yet an Olympic sport, Ruby shows that no person is too small to get the ball in motion.


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