Dec 9, 2009 4:42 PM by David Ortiviz

Several zoo animals seek shelter from frigid cold

We're not the only ones looking for relief from this cold artic weather, animals at the zoo were also trying to stay warm.

The Pueblo Zoo was closed Tuesday and Wednesday because of the frigid cold. The zoo's tropical animals and animals native to Africa were all brought inside so they wouldn't get frostbite. But not all them stayed put--the zebras and waterbucks ventured into the cold for some food an exercise.

"The winds die down, so there's really a nice opportunity for them to stand up against a building where they can get a reflection of a light surface and soak up the warmth of the sun," said Marilyn McBirney, the Pueblo Zoo's general curator.

Perhaps the biggest fans of this cold weather at the zoo are the North American River Otters. After a cool dip in the water, they love to roll around in the snow. A combination of dense fur and a lot of body fat keeps them warm.


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