Dec 30, 2011 2:03 PM by David Ortiviz

Several new laws go into effect in Colorado

Tax breaks for certain property owners in Colorado are being eliminated and young athletes will soon get more protection under new laws that take effect on Jan. 1.

A new concussion law requires coaches in Colorado to bench players after they've suffered a head injury. Players as young as 11 will need medical clearance before they can play again. Coaches will also have to go through training to help them identify the signs of a concussion.

Colorado is also eliminating a tax break for small properties classified as agricultural that aren't being used for farming or ranching. Under the current law, land owners were able to receive a tax break for showing they tried to make a profit through agriculture. The new law allows assessors to reclassify up to 2 acres of land to be taxed at a higher residential rate if the land isn't considered integral to an agricultural operation.

Under other new laws:

-Educators who work for the federal Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program or WIC will be required to report cases of child abuse and neglect.

-Health insurers that cover treatments for acupuncture will have to accept claims by a licensed acupuncturists.

-Local governments will be required to publish on their website information regarding the collection of land and development fees.

-The Division of Registrations within the Department of Regulatory Agencies will be required to accept applicant's training or education while a member of the armed services towards the qualifications of a professional license.



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