Oct 27, 2011 7:23 AM by Kate Richards

Selling beauty products to men

NEW YORK (AP) - Everyone wants flawless skin, flat abs and a fab rear. But men don't always admit it.

So, companies that sell products promising to help guys lose weight, conceal bloat and enhance skin have to walk a fine line between men's vanity and masculinity. But how do you market moisturizer to the Marlboro Man?

Dove plays the theme song to the 1930s TV western "The Lone Ranger" and compares guys' skin with cowhide in commercials for men's shower gel. Weight Watchers uses TV spots with singer Jennifer Hudson to market to women, but opts for average Joes talking about beer and grilling in ads for its weight loss program for men. Dr Pepper is more overt in ads for diet soda targeted toward men with the tagline: "It's not for women."


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