Nov 16, 2012 5:50 PM by Andy Koen

Seized marijuana returned

It took a court order and a decision by the state appellate court not to block that court order for Colorado Springs man who was acquitted of drug trafficking charges to receive the medical marijuana seized from when he wad arrested.

Bob Crouse was in tears when he spoke to supporters and members of the media outside of the Colorado Springs Police Department evidence facility Friday afternoon.

"I've gotta thank so many people, I'm thankful that I'm alive, I'm thankful that the spirit of life that is in me is in our community," Crouse said.

He isn't taking the marijuana home. Instead it will go to a secure lab for testing to see whether any of it can be salvaged for medicinal use.

Crouse says it's obviously damaged, but he thinks he and the city can work out an appropriate compensation without having to go to court.


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