Sep 23, 2013 8:11 PM

Seasonal freeze could arrive earlier this year

The first freeze of the season could show up a little earlier than last year. For most people, it may not be a big deal, but for farmers, it is.

"It seems like ever year it comes earlier and earlier. we'll lose all of our crops," says Shane Milberger, owner of Milberger Farms, "We had a rough year; we had late freezes to start out with, and now we're going to have an early freeze this Fall. It's going to shorten our season up."

News 5's First Alert Weather Team is tracking the seasonal changes. Metoerologist Stephen Bowers says the view of Pikes Peak caked with snow is a preview of what we can expect.

"The trends here for the next several weeks are cooling temperatures, and we're also going to start to notice, we're kind of dipping below freezing. In fact, the average first freeze for us is usually in that first week of October," says bowers.

But he says it could come up to one week earlier. For Milberger, that would change the way his farm operates.

"We have a certain quota we've sort of penciled out for the next three weeks of what we got to do everyday."

Now, to be safe, he'll have to figure out how to fit 21 days of work into 14.

"If you've been neglecting coming out to the farms and buying your chile, or buying your tomatoes or some of your other items that you can or freeze for the winter, you better not wait to much longer."



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