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Jul 19, 2014 8:56 AM by Stephen Bowers

Saturday Weather: Still Warming, Still A Few Showers

A Flood Warning remains in effect for the Arkansas River from La Junta to Las Animas. At 5:15 AM, the Arkansas River at La Junta was measured at 11.72 feet and beginning to subside. Flood stage is 11 feet. At Las Animas the Arkansas River was measured at 9.28 feet. Flood stage is 9 feet.

A cold front is set to move through Colorado today. A wind from the southwest ahead of the cold front will warm and dry the air, so high temperatures today will be easily in the 90's if not near 90 for most areas. Behind the cold front the wind will turn around and blow from the northeast. That upslope breeze will favor a few afternoon thunderstorms. The atmosphere is not loaded with moisture like it was early this week, so thunderstorms will not necessarily be widespread. The upslope breeze will persist near the ground tomorrow, so we will see a few more afternoon thunderstorms. Warm high pressure above the ground will expand from Arizona across Colorado beginning tomorrow and persisting through early next week. In response temperatures will warm to unseasonably toasty levels.

We will warm quickly this morning with intense sun and high-altitude clouds. By 10 AM we will already be near 80 degrees. We will warm through the 80's and almost to 90 by noon. By 2 PM expect 80's and 90's. Remember that cold front passing through today. This afternoon the upslope breeze will help to generate some thunderstorms, even with limited moisture. You will see them start over the mountains and sweep eastward down the I-25 corridor from 2 PM to 5 PM and then move out over the Plains through 10 PM. Thunderstorms will not be widespread, so a lot of areas will not see rain while other areas could see heavy rain. It's a typical summer pattern.

For tomorrow expect even warmer temperatures but still some spotty afternoon thunderstorms for some. The high elevations will be favored, but some of the storms will be able to move out of the mountains to the I-25 corridor. Highs will be in the 90's and 100's. Humidity will not go away completely at the ground level, so we will see some clouds each day beyond Sunday. An isolated shower or two will also be possible, but the odds you will see rain are low enough that I have removed it from the forecast on Monday and Tuesday. We will also so plenty of intense sun and warmth. Temperatures will max out in the 90's and 100's through the end of the week. The warm high pressure will begin to relax after Tuesday. That may mean a few more showers Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


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