Sep 9, 2009 9:32 AM by Jamie Smith

"Rush" treatment gaining new favor with allergy sufferers

With fall approaching allergy sufferers are gearing up for another season of sneezing. But if you want to get a jump on treating your allergies there's a way to do it in a shorter period of time.

Kirk Byrom spent years suffering with severe allergies to grass and trees. "My eyes would get red - inflamed - I couldn't stop sneezing," Kirk Byrom, who has allergies, said.

But Kirk Byrom is doing better now after trying a treatment that's gaining in popularity. It's a twist on the old allergy shots known as Rush.

Dr. Haden offers the Rush process to his patients and says more and more are choosing it. "They feel so much better so much more quickly," Dr. James Haden, an allergist, said.

The patient spends a full day at the doctor's office -- where they get a series of shots. They're monitored and given medication to avoid allergic reactions and at the end of the day they've jump started their treatment.

"In one day they can take off about four months of shots," Dr. Haden said.

With Rush some patients notice immediate improvement. They start feeling better right away when they're around the things they're allergic to.

Kirk Byrom says he started to feel better in just days, "And if I could do it in one day and get immediate relief with virtually no pain and no inconvenience for me, why would I not do it?"

Kirk still has shots every couple of weeks to maintain his treatment. But he's even mowing the lawn now without much trouble. "I virtually have no problems," Byrom said.

With Rush, patients continue to take maintenance shots for about three to five years. First weekly, then bi-weekly, and then finally on a monthly schedule.




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