Aug 7, 2010 11:04 PM by Matt Stafford

Runaway car with kid aboard gives Springs parents a scare

Most yard sales on Saturday in Colorado Springs were getting rid of items, but one yard gained an item -- a car.

Niccole Copelli was having a yard sale, that morning and she noticed a boy getting into an S.U.V.

"Right about then the car started to roll very slowly and he yelled at his mother who was right at the neighbor's house purchasing something from her garage sale," Copelli describes.

They couldn't do anything to stop the moving car that was gaining speed.

"It just took off," Copelli says, describing as the car went all the way down Omega Way, hitting a house near the end.

"Any time you leave a child in the car you run the risk of having something happen," says Sgt. Tim Hogan. He says garage sale season can be a big distraction from the kids or the road

"You think you're going to be safe because you're right there, you can glance over at the car and check on them, but a lot of times people get caught up in what they're doing," Sgt. Hogan says.

The accident Saturday morning roughed up the home, but luckily the cargo inside the S.U.V. -- a young child -- was okay. The other boy who bailed out early was okay as well.

"The little boy got out of the way in time and nobody was hurt," Copelli says, but the thought of what could have happened could leave any mother shaken.

"I let my kids ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac and you don't think about things like that," says Copelli. "I'll always keep a close eye on my kids when they're out playing."

Police say kids alone in the car is never a good idea, but a simple step could have helped solved all of this -- parked cars should always have their emergency brake on.



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