Jun 4, 2010 9:59 PM by Andy Koen

Update: Romanoff agrees with White House

Kicking off a 10 week campaign tour, Democratic Candidate for US Senate Andrew Romanoff said Friday that both he and the White House are in agreement over the events that took place last September when he decided to run for office. 

Romanoff said the only reason he released information this week about a conversation he had with Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina regarding available jobs in the State Department was to clarify "misinformation" that has been circulating about the discussion.

At his first stop, the Rocky Mountain Health Care Center in Colorado Springs, a patient at the center, 89 year old Sonya Modlen, asked Romanoff if it was true "that another Democrat was trying to offer you a bribe to take another job other than going for senator?"

Romanoff told her that "the Deputy Chief of Staff to the White House told me that if were not pursuing the Senate seat, three position might be available to me."

"That conversation didn't make any difference to me because I decided to run for the Senate anyway," Romanoff continued.

When speaking with reporters later, Romanoff used the occasion to highlight his campaign's refusal to accept donations from corporate donors and special interest and condemn his opponent Senator Michael Bennet for doing so.

"Every single member of the Senate who does not stand up to the special interests that have hijacked Washington D.C. is part of the problem," Romanoff said.

Later in the afternoon, Mr. Romanoff echoed that sentiment while attending a Juneteenth Caribbean Amreican Festival at Colorado Technical University. 

He told the audience that electing President Obama was only the first step in changing the culture in Washington D.C. and that they needed to elect leaders to represent them "at other end of Pennsylvania Avenue."

Romanoff says he doesn't believe this ordeal will affect his relationship with the president or with black voters. 

"I respect the president, I support the president and I look forward to working with him next year when I am sworn in to the US Senate," he said.

Romanoff also visited an automotive shop on Pueblo and celebrated the grand opening of his Pueblo campaign office.  Tonight he will join the Pueblo Democratic Party to play bingo.


Democratic Senatorial candidate Andrew Romanoff is stumping in Southern Colorado today with a handful of stops in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

The former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives has been in the national spotlight this week as the news broke that Romanoff had been contacted by the White House concerning possible jobs available to him should he chose not to run against incumbent Senator Michael Bennet.

When asked by reporters about the offers this morning Romanoff repeated his stance that at no point was he promised a job, nor did he request assistance in obtaining one.

In Colorado Springs, Romanoff is visiting Rocky Mountain Health Care Centers and the Colorado Juneteenth Caribbean American Heritage Festival at Colorado Technical University.

Afterwards he will visit Reckless Speed Shop Automotive in Pueblo. He will then oversee the grand opening of his Pueblo campaign office and join the Pueblo Democratic Party for bingo night.

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