Jul 17, 2014 11:59 PM by Matt Prichard

Robber plunges into Pueblo river

Pueblo Police and Fire combing the Arkansas River this afternoon, after a man that robbed the Security Service branch on West Abriendo made a break for it, by jumping into the surging currents.

"Officers had him cornered, and he was taunting the officers before he decided to try jumping in over the spillway. He didn't make it, and he injured himself as he hit the spillway. He surfaced for a brief second and then the undertow kind of took him under," said Pueblo Police spokesman, Sgt. Eric Gonzalez. 

That last effort at freedom, may have cost him his life as those watching along the shore described it as horrifying.

"He started to swim, and suddenly it seemed like someone just grabbed his leg and tugged him under. That's the last we saw of him, and now they're searching for him," said Pueblo Resident, Dale Morgan.

For now this investigation is being treated as a recovery effort, a process that can take a long time but generally brings results. 

"Generally we find them, sometimes its weeks, days, even months. But we do generally find them," said Pueblo Fire Assistant Chief, Shawn Shelton.

Still those that watched it unfold feel more could've been done to keep the suspect from taking that leap.

"Seems like they should've talked him down, maybe they could've taken a rope or something and pulled him out and he would've been there," said Morgan.

Police are continuing their investigation at this time and we will keep you updated as more details become available. 



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