Aug 16, 2011 7:45 PM by David Ortiviz

Riverwalk managers struggle to control aquatic eyesore

Pueblo's serene riverwalk has turned into an icky swampland. Riverwalk managers are fighting at least two types of weeds that have spread through parts of the river channel.

"It's horrible," said one woman, who was walking on the riverwalk. "It was like moss was everywhere."

Two different types of weeds are growing, although they have identified the exact species. "We kind of commonly refer to it as duck weed or lake weed," said Jim Munch, with the HARP Authority.

One weed is mossy--the other is long and stringy and apparently makes a good meal for some creatures. "The ducks seems to really enjoy it. they eat it, we just need more ducks to eat more of it," said Munch.

We asked Munch what's going on? He believes persistent hot weather and stagnant water has been a perfect breeding ground for this aquatic eyesore. "It gets pretty warm pretty fast, and tends to fuel the growth of this plant material," said Munch.

As disgusting as it is, right now they say the best option to remove it is by hand and it's not easy. "As you can see, it's a pretty labor intensive job," said Munch.

They can't use chemicals to treat it because the water drains back into the Arkansas River.
So twice a week maintenance crews and community service workers pull out as much as they can, but the weeds keep growing and spreading.

"We're actively pursuing ways to remove it," said Munch.

The HARP Authority drains the riverwalk at least once a year to clean it, but they're looking for a permanent solution to control this soggy nuisance.

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