Aug 15, 2014 12:17 AM by Matt Prichard

Resignation stalemate holds in Black Forest

Black Forest Fire Chief, Bob Harvey telling News 5 he hasn't resigned, regardless of what the Black Forest Fire Board might think.

However from the board's point of view, they've seen the Chief clean out his office in the past month and file for unemployment.

Chief Harvey says the reason he filed for unemployment was because he stopped receiving a paycheck in mid-July. Something the board contends is part of being on unpaid medical leave.

Either way there seems to be a stalemate at the Black Forest Fire Department and maybe more importantly a breakdown in communication.

"We've made a lot of attempts to communicate with him, so for us, it was a pretty clear indication that when he cleaned out his office that his intention was to leave," said Black Forest Fire Board member, PJ Langmaid.

We also asked Langmaid if the board received a formal letter of resignation from Harvey, and the answer was no. But with all these signs pointing in that direction, he says they're just reacting accordingly.

But Harvey continues to stand his ground, adding that his office clean-out was simply the result of a request from the board earlier this week.

For a look at the statement released from the Black Forest Fire Board this evening, continue reading below:

On June 4, 2014, Chief Robert Harvey read a statement at a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Black Forest Fire/Rescue Protection District. In that statement, Chief Harvey advised the Board that he was placing himself on sick leave effective the following day. He then left the meeting without further comment to the Board.

Since that time, the Board has awaited word from Chief Harvey on his condition as well as his intentions regarding his return to work. The Board had intended to schedule a meeting with Chief Harvey to discuss this, but then learned that he had apparently made statements elsewhere that he was no longer employed. Yesterday, Chief Harvey cleared his personal items out of his office.

The Board is committed to providing the best possible emergency services to the residents of our Fire District and will be working to find a replacement to lead our department. All services of the Fire District will continue as they always have in the meantime and are not affected by this news.

So certainly a tremendous amount more to come from this story, and we'll be keeping you updated as more details become available.




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