Mar 9, 2014 7:36 PM by Matt Prichard

Residents react to jail break

La Junta residents reacting this weekend to a wild week in the Colorado town, as four inmates broke out of the Otero County Jail.

"Oh sure definitely, all doors were locked, made sure I did all the windows, locked all the windows," said La Junta resident, Laurie Pearson. 

But not everyone was quite so worried during the wild week, some say they felt confident that authorities would catch up to the escapees. 

"First I saw the command center set up right there at the swimming pool, and the department of corrections and all those guys were dressed up in full fatigue military outfit, and I felt sorry for the guys cause I knew they were going to get caught," said La Junta resident, Johnnie DeLeon. 

One by one the inmates were caught with the last one being found inside a home on Friday and locals say they don't think it'll happen again.

"I think it was probably random, I think they saw the opportunity and they went with it. Without even thinking," said Pearson.

"I'm glad they caught them, and I thought law enforcement responded very quickly, and did what they were trained to. So I'm very grateful," said DeLeon. 

As far as the escape goes, both Pearson and DeLeon said the inmates' exit strategy left something to be desired, but added that great police work was the biggest reason it was resolved so quickly.


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