Aug 26, 2014 8:29 PM by Greg Dingrando

Republican State Rep candidate drops bomb shell comment

COLORADO SPRINGS - A Colorado Springs candidate for the state house, known for his controversial comments, dropped another bomb shell.

We're talking about District 15 Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt and his most recent attack on openly gay Colorado Congressman Jared Polis.

"Democrats like Polis want to bankrupt Christians who refuse to worship and endorse his sodomy. Next he'll join ISIS in beheading Christians..." said Klingenschmitt.

It's a comment that has Democrats shocked and appalled yet county Republicans are still defending him.

"Klingenschmitt should step out of the race. He really should. This has gone too far," said El Paso County Democratic Party Executive Director Christy Lelait.

Not a surprising comment coming from Klingenschmitt's opponents, but they aren't alone.

The Colorado State Republicans are denouncing him from the party, but El Paso County Republicans are standing by him.

"He's part of our team. Whether we agree with him or disagree with him," said El Paso County Republican Chairman Jeffrey Hays.

Klingenschmitt did come out with a public apology, but even it's raising some eye brows.

"Well apparently some Democrats do not have a sense of humor and they were offended by some things I said using hyberbaly this weekend. So I want to issue a personal apology to you Jared Polis, even though you're an openly gay Democrat and you are passing policies that perscecute some christian businesses in America. I would never compare you to ISIS rebels that behead Christians right? Of course you would never go in for something like that," said Klingenschmitt

We had Lelait sit down and watch the apology and she certainly didn't think it was funny.

"I thought it was a bunch of BS. It certainly was not sincere. He wasn't taking any responsibility for what he said," said Lelait.

She said its so bad it goes well beyond the race for District 15.

"That level of crazy! Do we really think companies are going to look at Colorado Springs and think wow we should go there? What a great place? I don't think so," said Lelait.

But Hays fired right back.

"They're using that as a smoke screen to get people's attention away from their bad policies of a constant effort to control people," said Hays.

He said it's a smoke screen Republicans aren't afraid to fight right along side Klingenschmitt.

"I want to win. I believe in value of us winning. He's a vote for a whole host of positive initiatives the Republican Party is going to have so absolutely we want him to win," said Hays.

We should point out Klingenschmitt won the Republican Primary to even get to the position he's in and it doesn't appear he'll be backing down like the Democrats including his challenger Lois Fornander are asking.

We did put calls and emails into Klingenschmitt to get a comment, but never heard back.



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