Oct 10, 2012 12:36 PM by Kirsten Bennett

Report of girl resembling Jessica Ridgeway spotted in Maine

A resident reported seeing a girl who resembled the missing 10-year-old Westminster girl Jessica Ridgeway in Maine on Sunday, according to reports. After police received that tip, authorities filed a statewide alert for the vehicle described by the woman, according to our news partners at 9NEWS in Denver.

Sgt. Alan Grinnell with the Dexter, Maine Police told 9NEWS the woman told police she saw the girl resembling Ridgeway Sunday afternoon on Spring Street in Dexter - a small town northwest of Bangor in central Maine. Dexter is 2,092 miles from Westminster, Colo.

The witness did not report the sighting to police until Tuesday at 10 a.m. because she did not see the Amber Alert for Jessica on her computer until Tuesday morning, Grinell told 9NEWS Crime and Justice Reporter Anastasiya Bolton.

The woman, who Grinnell will not identify, described the car the girl was seen in as a light-blue Buick station wagon - a mid 1990s model - with Colorado plates. She did not get the plate number.

The car had roof racks and five spoke wheels, Grinnell says.

Grinnell told 9NEWS there is a BOLO - or a Be On the Look Out for emergency alert - for the car in the state of Maine, and the police department has passed along this information to Westminster Police.

9NEWS reached out to Westminster Police Wednesday morning asking about this report. Westminster Police said they are taking this tip as seriously as every other tip they receive, and they are talking to police in Maine, however they were surprised this particular tip took off like it did because they have received tips from other parts of the country as well, such as Maryland, Nevada, Texas and Wyoming just to name a few.

Jessica has been missing since Friday morning when she didn't make it to school. Fifteen local, state and federal agencies are looking for the 10-year-old.



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