Jan 19, 2011 9:23 AM by Bea Karnes

Rep. Lamborn to vote for Obamacare repeal

When the House votes today on the repeal of so-called Obamacare, Colorado Springs' congressman, Rep. Doug Lamborn, will vote with fellow Republicans to repeal the law.

Rep. Lamborn sent this email to supporters yesterday:

Dear Friend,

Over the past year-and-a-half, I have heard from many of you
about your concerns with the government takeover of our healthcare system.
Overwhelmingly, you reject this one-size-fits-all approach in favor
of more patient-centered, common-sense reforms. According to the Real
Clear Politics poll average, a majority of Americans still oppose

*Tomorrow, the House will take a vote to repeal ObamaCare. I
want to assure you that I am on the front lines of this fight to
defeat this disastrous law and replace it with affordable, patient-
centered reforms. *

My Republican colleagues and I listened to you and
pledged to repeal ObamaCare because it increases costs, explodes the
deficit, raises taxes, hurts job-creators, and - most importantly - gives
the government control over personal health care


*My Concerns and Guiding Principles *

Health care decisions
should be made by patients, families, and their doctors, not politicians
and bureaucrats in Washington.

Washington forcing every American
to buy a private product like health insurance is unconstitutional.
Twenty-six states are now challenging ObamaCare's constitutionality in

Democrats said if you like your plan, you can keep it.
But 222 organizations, including some of ObamaCare's biggest union
supporters, have already received waivers [link 1] exempting them from
part of the law. According to HHS, more than 1.5 million people could
"lose access to their current planin the absence of a waiver."

using numerous gimmicks [link 2], like counting 10 years of tax hikes
against 6 years of spending, Democrats rigged ObamaCare to get a
misleading deficit score from CBO. (This is not CBO's fault.) Any realistic
accounting shows that the law is a budget buster.

If fully
implemented, ObamaCare is expected to cost $2.6 trillion and increase the
deficit by more than $500 billion over ten years.

It could
easily be worse, as Washington habitually undercounts the cost of health
care programs. When Medicare was created, Congress projected its cost
for FY 1990 to be $12 billion. They were off by more than *$107

ObamaCare creates so much new bureaucracy and spending
that it took Democrats 2,800 pages to write. The bill to repeal it
takes just 2 pages.

Repealing ObamaCare will repeal: enormous
spending increases, even bigger tax hikes, the maze-like [link 3] new
health bureaucracy, the unconstitutional requirement to buy insurance, and
job-destroying provisions like the Form 1099 mandate.

ObamaCare does not mean a return to the status quo ante. Republicans
will work to craft better solutions that empower patients and families
to make their own health care decisions.


Job-Killing Health Care Law Report*

Recently, Speaker of the House
John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor worked with several House
committee chairmen to release a report entitled **ObamaCare: A
Budget-Busting, Job-Killing Health Care Law*.* The report, which can be found
online here [link 4], provides a compelling case for taking immediate
action to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with reforms that will lower
costs and protect jobs.

By raising taxes, imposing new mandates,
and increasing uncertainty for employers and entrepreneurs, ObamaCare
is already destroying jobs in this country. And it will continue to
destroy jobs unless we do something about it.

This report shows how
the health care law is making it harder to end the job-killing
spending binge that threatens our children's future. It presents a very
sobering picture, and every lawmaker and taxpayer - no matter where you
stand on this critical issue - should take a look at it.

Warn ObamaCare is Bad for Economy*

Today, the American Action Forum
released a letter [link 5] signed by 200 economists and experts -
including two former Congressional Budget Office Directors - highlighting
the job-destroying, budget-busting impact of ObamaCare and urging
Congress to repeal the law and replace it with better solutions.

the letter, the economists and experts warn that the onslaught of
costly new mandates, penalties and taxes levied by the health care law
create "major barriers to stronger job growth." The letter also
underscores the devastating impact ObamaCare will have on the nation's
already-precarious fiscal health, adding more than $500 billion to the deficit
during the first ten years, and nearly $1.5 trillion in the following
decade. As American Action Forum President and former CBO Director
Douglas Holtz-Eakin plainly states [link 6]: "Any way you look at it,
the health care law is bad for the economy and bad for the

*How are you Affected?*

If you own or operate a small business, I
would like to hear from you on how ObamaCare will impact your bottom
line and your ability to create jobs. Please take a moment to give me
some feedback on this critical issue by clicking here [link 7] to send
me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

*Regardless of
the final outcome of this effort to repeal ObamaCare, I will continue
to work with my colleagues in the House of Representatives to defund
ObamaCare or otherwise take legislative steps to restrict its


Doug Lamborn



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