Apr 8, 2014 9:09 PM by Matt Prichard

Red light cameras may come to a stop

Cameras catching red light runners could be a thing of the past in Colorado as some state lawmakers argue they violate privacy laws. But in Pueblo, council members are speaking out saying safety should be the first priority.

"It's all about safety and eliminating broadside accidents and left turn accidents which were prevalent at these three intersections," said Pueblo City Councilmen, Steve Nawrocki.

The city installed the controvercial cameras in three intersections across town, hoping to slow drivers and accident rates down. And locals around Pueblo seem to agree.

"The police say they like them because it slows everybody down to not run the red light, and when you see it flashing it makes you freak out," said Pueblo resident, Cathy Ortega.

"It causes people to wait, and especially when they see that bright flash they wonder did I get a ticket, should I worry about it next time," said Pueblo resident, Phillip Tincher. 

But others argue that the cameras can't catch everything and say they'd prefer more officers to be out on the streets.

"If they're going to stop you for any kind of citation that involves a red light or stop sign like that, that's what we have the officers for. That camera don't catch everything that's happening," said Pueblo resident, Rick Gallina. 

The proposed law just hit the legislative floor on Friday with no word on when a vote might be cast on the issue.



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