Aug 29, 2011 11:23 PM by Matt Stafford

Record-breaking heat for Colorado Springs this summer

"This feels like it's consistently the hottest summer." Christopher Lehman says, after a bike ride through Red Rocks Open Space in Colorado Springs.

News Five Meteorologist Mike Madson says Lehman may be on to something.

"It's been a warmer than average summer in Colorado Springs; you're absolutely right," says Madson. "It has definitely been a warm summer."

Madson says in some ways record breaking.

"This year we've had at least 42 days that were 90 degrees or warmer, so that breaks the old record that goes back to 1980," Madson explains.

So these days Lehman is packing a little more water on his bike rides.

"Usually I'm used to having a break every four or five days and it seems like it's been pretty high out consistently, day after day," says Lehman, but he adds that it's been different this year -- the sticky kind of heat that you can feel.

"The humidity feels much stuffier, and then the evenings just feel a lot warmer -- not cooling off as much as it used to," says Lehman.

Anne Gemma, a walker, agrees; "We were just talking about that, it seems kind of clammy and we weren't used to that."

Most people seem to be doing what they can to stay cool.

Madson says Pueblo has been hot too, but not record-breaking heat. He says Colorado Springs may have broken a record, but it hasn't been given the title "hottest summer on record" just yet -- although the summer isn't over.


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