Aug 3, 2011 12:52 AM by Stephanie Collins

Rain turns National Night Out into national night in

Tonight's rain made National Night Out in the Springs more like national night in, but the Stetson Hills neighbors we were with didn't let that ruin anything. They had a cookout and even played games drawn from the NBC show, Minute to Win It.

While the night was about having a good time, National Night Out has a serious goal, to prevent crime in neighborhoods across the country.

"Neighbors can get together maybe it's a new neighbor, maybe it's neighbors that don't know each other, it's an opportunity for everybody to get out and get that sense of community," says Sgt. Mike Schaller with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

Suzi Huntz hosted her neighborhood's event in Stetson Hills. She says her neighborhood is great, but like any, every now and then, they have problems, "We had an issue a couple weeks ago where we had a very big van, white van that was dark windows and their tail lights weren't on," she explains.

While the van may not have posed a threat, it was something she doesn't see everyday, National Night Out is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, so you know you can count on them if an issue comes up, "When your neighbors not home, they're going to notice something suspicious, maybe your garage door is open or they're going to notice that vehicle in your driveway that they know, because they know who you are, they know that vehicle doesn't belong," says Sgt. Schaller.

Law enforcement wants to remind everyone that while it's good to look out for your neighbors, don't take matters into your own hands. The best course of action if you see something is to be a good witness and call them.

To learn more about National Night Out, click here.



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