Sep 28, 2010 12:27 AM by Stephanie Collins

Pit Bull Puppies Disappear in the Springs

A mystery on the east side of Colorado Springs: over the weekend multiple puppies disappeared.

Rande Trammel and Chad Smith are missing their four month old pit bull, Moose, and believe it was stolen right out of their yard.  "One of the neighbors said he saw somebody taken him out of the yard, either a dark skin Mexican or black guy, lifting him over the fence," says Smith.

They have an eight foot fence around most of their house, but say there is an area where their fence is shorter and someone could have gotten to the puppy.

It's a similar story just a few miles away, with 14 year old Adrianna Washburn's five month old pit bull puppy, Quilla, also missing. She thinks someone drove up to her back yard and took her puppy. "There were two perfect tire tracks coming up and foot prints where tire tracks stopped," says Washburn, who's worried now that her puppy will either be sold or used for dog fighting.

Police we talked to said they don't know of any active pit bull fighting rings in the Springs, but that doesn't mean the puppies won't be used for fighting. They say they could have been taken to another part of the state or even country.

Both families have filed a report with police and the Humane Society and hope their puppies turn up soon. They both have the same advice to dog owners of any breed: keep an eye on your dog when it's outside.



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