Dec 14, 2012 7:58 PM by David Ortiviz

Pueblo teen accused of taking pot brownies to school

Pueblo Police say a teenager is suspended from middle school for allegedly trying to give marijuana brownies to his classmates and a teacher. It happened earlier this week at Heaton Middle School and authorities say at least one student got sick.

Officers say the 14-year-old boy tried sharing the brownies with his peers. "Yes he was sharing them with classmates, there's a report that he even sold one of them for around $10 and even attempted to give one to a teacher," said Sgt. Eric Gonzales, a spokesperson for the Pueblo Police Department.

It appears at least one student at the school ate a brownie and got a stomach ache. "He felt a little sick to his stomach, but nothing happened to him," said Sgt. Gonzales.

Something did happen to boy caught with the brownies. The teen was charged with possession of marijuana.

Pueblo City Schools confirmed an investigation is being conducted. Although the school district wouldn't share more details, officers say the boy was suspended.

Meanwhile the police narcotics unit is now testing the brownies to figure out if they in fact contained marijuana. "The juvenile male made some indication yes there was and at the same time he was saying no there wasn't," said Sgt. Gonzales. Regardless he says the teen's actions are punishable.



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