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Mar 6, 2013 11:12 AM by David Ortiviz

Pueblo school gets rid of mice

A big relief for students and teachers at a school in Pueblo--the mice are finally gone! Last month, health inspectors found evidence of rodents at Bessemer Academy on Routt Ave. Mice droppings were found in at least 8 rooms, including a classroom, the principal's office and a closet in the school's kitchen. "We consider these critical violations," said Vicki Carlton, a health inspector with the Pueblo City-County Health Department.

Bessemer Academy was cited for violations on Feb. 7 and Feb. 21. Finally on Feb. 28, during another inspection, there were no signs of the creepy little critters. "It's a lot cleaner, it's a lot safer," said Carlton.

So how did the school get rid of the rodents? "Our facilities department has addressed this problem very conscientiously and very thoroughly," said Randy Evetts, with Pueblo City Schools.

The school district says it took some time to patch up some trouble spots. They've installed new door sweeps, put smaller mesh on tunnel vents and caulked doors to keep the mice out.

New rules are also in place. "We've done some re-educating with the staff," said Evetts. For example, food used for projects or snacks in the classroom must now be sealed in plastic containers.

Pueblo City Schools says the school is also sprayed on a monthly basis to exterminate bugs and rodents.

The health department says it's satisfied the school has resolved the problem and the building will return to routine inspections. The actions that they've taken will help prevent this from happening in the future," said Carlton.



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