Apr 15, 2014 7:56 PM by Greg Dingrando

Pueblo residents nervous after 5 drive by shootings

PUEBLO - Five drive by shootings in less than three days, but still no arrests in Pueblo.

According to police, drive by shootings are rare in Pueblo so to have 5 in one weekend is unprecedented.

Neighbors of Sunday's shooting on Park Avenue any kind of shooting is scary, but a drive by makes them particularly nervous.

"O I hope they never drive by my house. You can hurt a lot of people and its usually the innocent who gets injured," said Linda Garcia.

And the fact that there were five of them and they're likely gang related only makes it worse.

"That's shocking. Man i didn't know all that going on, especially gang related," said Joey Alston.

Others said the gang activity isn't anything new, but that doesn't mean they aren't worried about it.

"I'm concerned about gang activity in any area. I'm a new comer, but I have noticed action around," said Garcia.

We spoke with Pueblo police to find out what they're doing and how close they are to making an arrest, but the detectives working the case weren't available.

Neighbors said they're frustrated to hear there have been five shootings, but no arrests.

"They need to find out who's doing this. If its gangs they need to take care of it," said Garcia.

And because it appears to be two separate gangs they said one arrest isn't enough.

"People come after them. Hopefully they catch all people involved so this doesn't come back again," said Alston.

We're staying in touch with investigators to get more information on the shootings this evening. Detectives might even have some pictures of the suspect so we'll let you know.




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