Apr 10, 2014 8:38 PM by Tony Spehar

Pueblo police officer talks man out of jumping off of Union Ave. bridge

A police officer in Pueblo is being hailed as a hero for talking a man out of jumping off of the Union Ave. bridge on Wednesday.

Patrol Officer Christopher Alarid and other officers were called to the bridge just before noon after city workers spotted a 38-year-old man sitting on the edge and dangling his legs off the side. When the officers arrived they initially tried to get close enough to the man to be able to grab him, but backed off after he moved closer to the edge and began talking about ending his life. Officer Alarid spent the next 15-minutes talking to the man about his problems, eventually persuading the man to come back to safety and surrender. The entire incident was caught on camera.

Alarid said the training in crisis intervention that all Pueblo Police Department officers receive was critical to resolving the situation and saving the man's life.

"Just try to be as human as you can, try to talk to the person and figure out what the crisis is that they're going through and try to help them get through that crisis," Officer Alarid described. "Doing the job that we do we've been in tense situations before, but this is right up there with the rest of them."

The man who threatened to jump was taken to local facility for a psychiatric evaluation.



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