Jun 30, 2011 7:32 PM by Greg Boyce

Pueblo Fire Department clarifies fireworks ban

The Pueblo Fire Department clarified this afternoon that all fireworks are banned for sale, use and possession until the fire restriction is removed.

However novelty products are allowed.  These do not have a fuse or require an external heat or flame source to activate. Some of the items have shapes and packaging that make them appear to be ordinary "consumer" fireworks, such as fountains. They are known as "poppers", and can be dropped on the ground or have a pull-string to activate.  Since they do not have a flame or emit sparks, they are not banned.

The Pueblo Police Department is actively enforcing the fire ban in the city, and violators are being ticketed.

"As can be tragically seen in so many communities around us right now, the fire danger is simply too high," said Fire Chief Chris Riley. "When it comes to this holiday, we have chosen safety...and we know that citizens understand."

These rules are in effect in Pueblo.  Other jurisdictions may have different rules.



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