Mar 24, 2014 9:16 PM by Joanna Wise

Pueblo families frustrated over asbestos contamination

There's a lot of growing frustration. People who have been living at the apartment complex on 1930 Vinewood Lane on Pueblo's southside want to know when they can move back in.

"It's nervewracking," said Michelle Sandoval, "just sitting in a motel with nothing to do."

Close to a dozen families, including Sandoval's, had to spend the weekend away from home at a motel on Hudson Avenue and US 50. But not by choice. On Friday afternoon, 10 units were evacuated because of hazardous asbestos. Tenants told News 5 they were given 30 minutes to get out.

"There's a lot of family possessions in that apartment and we can't get to none of it." said Sandoval.

The complex is owned by Emerald Isle Lending. The manager of the complex says a pipe burst that occurred more than a week ago is the cause.

A crew was at the building Monday afternoon, collecting samples to see how widespread the problem is. The inspector says this is just the beginning of the process.

The inspector says its subject to change, but he believes it could take at least a week to clear the building before anyone can come back.

The samples are being analyzed. The results are expected to be ready Tuesday afternoon.



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