Jan 16, 2014 6:39 PM by Matt Prichard

Pueblo bar-code

Weekends at Shorty's Bar & Grill are tightening up after opening weekend saw gangs and violence coat the popular nightspot. Ownership put a dress code into place to solve the issue.

"It's only in effect Friday's and Saturday nights from 9:00 PM to close and the only reason we did that was to cater to a certain type of crowd, a crowd that's safe. Where everyone feels safe, and where they can come in and not worry about gangs or fights," said Shorty's Bar & Grill President, Jay Johnson. 

The code consists of no baggy clothing, no face and neck tattoos, and no patches. And although these might alienate some bar-goers, Johnson says most have respected the rules.

"Maybe one of two people a weekend is all we turn away and most of them understand. Most of them are willing to come talk to us if they want in, and like I said we've let several people in, that do have face and neck tattoos. But we're not willing to just say carte blanche come on in, whoever you are, whatever you are," said Johnson.

Although the code may not be a cure all, those that work at the bar nightly say it definitely helps and deters gangs and violence from spoiling what is a great spot in Pueblo.



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