Jan 8, 2010 8:32 PM by Abby Lane

Protestors and Sen. Bennet come face-to-face

Protestors outside of Senator Michael Bennet's office in Colorado Springs came face-to-face with the lawmaker today.

At around noon on Friday, several dozen people gathered outside of Bennet's office near Tejon and Boulder to protest the new health care bill.  Bennet happened to be attending a campaign fundraiser next door.  

"I'm not against health care reform. What I am against is the government take over of health care," said Warren Peacock, a first-time protestor. "I just wanted to come out here and say ‘You know, listen to us!'"

Bennet, who was on his way to a campaign event at Rasta Pasta, says he is listening. "I've spent a lot of time over the last year in town hall meetings all over the state of Colorado sometimes no one in the room agrees with a word of what I'm saying, " he said.

Even another discussion unfolded at the protest. Several people came to explain to the protestors why they support the new health care bill. "I'm just trying to diminish the strength of the argument that the senate bill is too expensive. In comparison to where we're headed, it's not expensive at all," said John Crandall.

The House and Senate health care bills must be merged into one and passed again by each chamber before President Obama can sign it into law.  They have many issues to resolve, like tax provisions, preventing the use of federal funds for abortion and ways to hold down costs for middle-class Americans.

The protestors plan to be outside of Bennet's office weekdays until January 22. The meet from 11 to noon.



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