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Oct 1, 2009 11:21 AM

Protect Yourself from H1N1 Flu and Seasonal Flu

The Health Department is preparing for an unusual flu season. As you may know, the new H1N1 flu emerged in the spring and now is a pandemic, circulating all over the world. Fall also will bring seasonal flu back to our community.

That means we will soon have two distinct flu viruses in the community, causing similar symptoms. We expect to see more illness in our community than we have in past years, and both flu illnesses have the potential to be serious.

Please, protect yourself, your family and our communityâ€"follow these simple directions:

  • Stay home when you are sick:  Stay home from work, school, church, sporting events, everything. The goal is to avoid infecting friends, co-workers and others around you.

  • Wash your hands, cover your cough: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says these steps are easy and highly effective in protecting your health.

  • Get your seasonal flu shot (s):  Get the seasonal flu vaccine. Some physicians are providing the vaccine, as are many grocery stores and pharmacies.

  • Please stay tuned for information about H1N1 vaccine:  The Health Department is working with local governments and other agencies on a comprehensive plan to provide H1N1 vaccine locally. We will share those details with you as we get closer to receiving H1N1 vaccine in the community. Please keep visiting this site for updates.

  • Prepare to stay home: Make sure you have food, medicine and other supplies to care for yourself or others when sick at home. Arrange now for the care of your sick children at home if you are at work. 

  • Watch for updates: Continue to visit our Web site for updates and new guidance as the situation evolves. In the meantime, please review and share all of the information on our H1N1 flu page.

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Email: Healthinfo@epchealth.org


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