Oct 29, 2009 4:25 PM by Alycia Lane

Priceless garage sale find?

The answers are right there in black and white.

Collector Rick Norsigian and a team of experts are attempting to confirm that glass negatives found at a Fresno, California garage sale are the works of Ansel Adams.

And for a number of reasons, they're already convinced.

The negatives are on 8.5" dry plate glass, which is characteristic of Adams' work.

One of the shots is virtually identical, down to the snow-capped mountains, to another confirmed Ansel Adams photo.

Perhaps most convincing to Norgisian and his team: the handwriting on the sleeves containing the negatives has been authenticated as that of Adams' wife.

Norsigian brought the box home about 10 years ago after a failed attempt to purchase a barber's chair because he thought the images looked nice.

He'd negotiated the price down from $60 to $45.

The black-and-white images are of Yosemite, Carmel, Fisherman's Wharf and other places captured in many Adams pictures.

Still, not everyone is convinced.


Ansel Adam's grandson, Matthew Adams, said, "Mr. Norsigian has been making these claims for a number of years and I have not seen convincing proof that they are Ansel's negatives. People have been photographing Yosemite since the late 1800s and that fact there are glass plate negatives of images of Yosemite does not therefore mean that they are Ansel's."

Norsigian and his attorney remain positive about these negatives.

If the images are indeed confirmed as authentic, Norgisian hopes to see the photos go on tour so Ansel Adams fans nationwide can enjoy his accidental discovery.


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