Apr 18, 2010 8:18 AM by Matt Stafford

Price to paint your home rising for some

Kevin Murdock is hearing surprise from customers calling for a quote to get their house painted.

"Many people are like, oh come on, you're just trying to sell me a job. Well kind of, but not really," Murdock explains. "They hop online then they call back and say, hey, let's talk a little bit more."

New regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency are going into effect April 22nd, putting more requirements for what it takes to paint a home built before 1978.

Murdock says the extra attention needed for these jobs will definitely drive up the cost. He says many of the average size, Colorado Springs homes built in the 1970's would cost around $3,000 dollars to paint, but not after Thursday.

"You're looking at about six to nine thousand dollars," Murdock says.

The extra cost comes from a lot of places; new certification, plenty of new gear to buy and extra steps to follow on the job. This is making the owner of this company, at least, think a little harder about the jobs they takes.

"I feel that we're not that's probably going to take a look and say, do we really want to do that job?"
Right now lead paint projects make up about 10 percent of Murdock's work.

You don't have to get far from the Two Men and a Brush office to find homes that Murdock says will fall under the new rules. He says there are several neighborhoods in Colorado Springs that many of the homes were built before 1978. That means unless these homes get refinished in the next few days, it could cost quite a bit more the next time they do.



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