Feb 16, 2012 7:41 PM by Ophelia Young

Powerball Powers Hopes

It's the dreams.

"Couple months ago, I actually had woke up after a dream of five numbers, that I've been playing ever since on the power ball. And also I've been dreaming about being around family and everything in Florida," said Powerball player Steven Rinkes.

It's the fun in filling in small bubbles. It's the anticipation.

"Will this get me more money? How many numbers have I matched? You're heart starts beating a little bit to see what's going on with it," Rinkes said.

Rinkes is one of the millions of people who flooded convenience stores this weekend. He's one of the near-record number of buyers for a shot at the jackpot--$325 million.

"They need money," Rinkes said. "They're not making it at jobs. So it just gives people hope and faith that maybe they'll be the lucky one."

Brooke Christopher from the Colorado Lottery says bad economic times don't stop lottery players, "What's true in Americans is that they're still dreamers and they're still playing the game. They still wanna win the lottery. They still dream big. And Powerball game gives them that dream."

But there are those who think it's just plain silly. "Sounds more like a gambling problem more than anything, just trying to get excited over a little bit of nothing. The odds are against you and it's just too much money," said Jake Gallegos, a Powerball skeptic.

But Rinkes doesn't listen to them. He feels like he does win...especially on a day like today when he won $12. Because that's more than just some pocket change, it's hope in an economy where it's sometimes hard to feel any. "It's coming, it's going to be happening soon."



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