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Dec 6, 2009 11:44 AM by Jamie Smith

Posh recliners, gourmet food, theater chain offers movies in luxury

A new theater chain is hoping to set the gold standard for going to the movies in Southern California with luxury seating and plenty of other amenities.

From the moment you enter the door, are greeted by hostesses, purchase tickets from the concierge and are escorted into the lounge, you realize Gold Class Cinemas is out to redefine the movie going experience. "Our patrons say it's like flying first class. It's the only way to go to the movies, and it is the new way to go to the movies," said Mark Mulcahy of Gold Class Cinemas.

Each theater is intimate with no more than 40 overstuffed recliners with call buttons. And the food is hardly movie theater fare.

You'll pay the price for this experience at $22 per ticket during the week and $29 on weekends, plus the cost of your meals and drinks. "If I know I'm going to get good service," said movie-goer Salome Flores, "And be able to watch a movie in a comfortable seat and have my server come to me and get me my food and drinks, I would totally pay for it."

"I think the economy is affecting some people, but I think other people are just, that this is a place that they would come to," movie-goer Celine Julia said.

"I think it's a really interesting concept," said movie-goer Judith Lutz, "But I don't know if I would want to pay the $22 though or the $29 or whatever it is to come here. But it's pretty cool. I might try it once and see."

Exporting this luxury cinema concept born in Australia to L.A. was a risk, but with shows sold out during the first week in business, Gold Class Cinemas is already transforming a trip to the movies into a movie experience.



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