Sep 7, 2012 12:49 AM by Andy Koen

Police still have seized pot afterall

The Colorado Springs Police Department did not destroy the medical marijuana it seized from a local leukemia patient who was acquitted in June of felony drug charges against him. A department spokesperson had previously stated to News 5 that the 55 marijuana plants and 6 pounds of refined marijuana taken from Bob Crouse's home on May 1, 2011 were destroyed. We were informed later this evening that the police do, in fact, still have the seized drugs in their possession.

Crouse says he was turned away by the police when he requested the drugs be returned to him following his trial. Last month he filed for a court order to force them to be returned.

The police department believes surrendering the marijuana to Mr. Crouse would constitute distribution of a Class 1 Controlled Substance and is therefore illegal.

A hearing over Mr. Crouse's court order request is scheduled for September 17.

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