Jan 16, 2014 2:41 PM by KOAA

Police reminding you not to park illegally in handicapped spots

Colorado Springs Police want to remind you that parking in a handicapped spot when you do not have the right to, is illegal, and can result in a fine. 

More than 145 people are caught monthly illegally parking in a spot designated for someone with a handicap, and police say those are just the ones they catch. 

Police say many times people will park in the spots because they want a shorter walk, when it really inconveniences someone that may need the spot. Police are issuing a public message asking people not to park in these spots, mostly because it's hard to enforce. 

"The enforcement of that, one it's time consuming, waiting for somebody to come out. It's just when you compare that with safety calls for service that we have, obviously handicap parking enforcement is a lower priority." says Lt. Brian Ritz with the Colorado Springs Police Department. 

If you are caught parking in a handicap spot, you could face a fine of $100. 



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