Oct 15, 2011 8:14 PM by Trovette Tottress

Police looking for attempted rapist in home invasion

People are on edge this evening after a woman was almost raped after a man broke into her home.

Police say around 5:00 this morning a man entered a home with weapon and attempted to sexually assault a female victim. Reverse 9-11 calls immediately went out warning residents of a potential suspect. Soon after text and Facebook messages started circulating stating that police were looking for a serial rapist.  

"This proves somebody's out there watching us. It's very scary", said Alisha Mercer.

The crime is eerily similar to another attack earlier this week. Near Ash and Grand. Someone broke into a home and almost raped a woman there.
But Sheriff Jim Beicker is not yet calling the crimes connected..

"We're not calling it that at this point but there is a sexual nature to each of these incidents so we are concerned", said Sheriff Jim Beicker.

But, this community is on edge.

"It's pretty concerning knowing that it can happened and I didn't hear anything", said Heather Cochran.

Glen Moreland says he's just shocked the intruder didn't get hurt.

"He must be a brave type of fella to come in on people like that because somebody will shoot you now days", said Glen Moreland

Police have stepped up patrol in both areas. And, say, so far these have been crimes of opportunity.

"These are not force entries. We are urging people to lock their doors at night and to pay attention and obviously report anyone whom they believe is suspicious", said Sheriff Jim Beicker.

And neighbors say they will be on alert.

"People [are] ready now. You know they'll be watching for this guy. I know I will", said Glen Moreland.

Police say the suspect is a male in his late 20's weighing between 150 - 160 pounds. The victim says he was wearing a dark hoodie and  has possibly long hair.

If you have any information, you should contact your local police department.



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