Mar 30, 2014 7:47 PM by Matt Prichard

Pickleball club works for tournament

Pickleball is making its mark at the base of Pikes Peak and boosting the economy in the process.

"Having the tournament here in this beautiful park, this lush park, our central park with the mountains. I mean what better publicity for the city of Colorado Springs, we just see all kids of pluses in having the pickleball group here," said Friends of Monument Valley Park Secretary, Judi Ingelido. 

That tournament is the "Great Plains Regional Tournament," which the Pikes Peak Pickleball Club is working to bring to the Springs. But a battle with Denver and a lack of playable courts is making things difficult. 

"It's one of those kind of things that we need more courts and certainly in order to capture that big international tournament and get it back here every year, we need to be able to work dedicated courts," said Pikes Peak Pickleball Club Vice-President, Jeff Norton. 

So the club has asked parks and recreation to dedicated Monument Valley Park to pickleball so 11 courts can fit in and the tournament can be held here in the Springs. 

"It would put us in the running for the Great Plains Regional Tournament. It could give us 11-courts, and they're criteria is 10, preferably 12," explained Norton. "So it'll put us in the sweet spot, and with all the background and capability of our club, we'll make this happen." 

Norton says they're still working on a solution to the court problem but adds he's optimistic they can get one figured out and bring that tournament to Southern Colorado.


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