Nov 19, 2012 8:12 PM by Bill Folsom

Parking lot purse grabs in Colorado Springs

A Colorado Springs woman who says she was mugged in a Wal-Mart parking lot Sunday evening thinks she is the latest victim in a series of similar crimes. She wants others aware so they can avoid the same scenario.

She was hit at the store located at Woodmen & Powers in Colorado Springs. She just got to her car with a load of groceries and her purse was on top. At the same time another car moved very close to her. "They pulled in like they were going to park and then the guy backed up and as he backed up the passenger just jumped out and grabbed my purse and jumped back in."

The scenario is very similar to a purse grab a week earlier at the Wal-Mart on North Academy in Colorado Springs. A woman by herself with a full cart of groceries had her purse grabbed by a man who pulled up close and reached out the window.

The suspect description is two Hispanic males in their late 20's or early 30's. They were driving a silver or light blue 90's Taurus. There is a crack all the way across the windshield and it is missing the mirror on the driver's side.

The mirror is missing because of a witness who jumped on the cars hood and pounded on the windshield as the suspect drove off. She was thrown off as they turned. The victim says it is a positive side to a negative situation. "It's amazing that there's still people in the community that are willing to step up and not just let me go down by myself."



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