Oct 8, 2012 7:29 PM by Andy Koen

Parents call salad dressing spiking worrisome

A student from Vista Ridge High School was arrested Monday for allegedly putting eye drops into the ranch dressing at the school salad bar. As many as 20 of his classmates became sick as a result.

Paramedics could be seen coming and going from the school cafeteria as class let out for the day. Administrators believe as many as 60 to 75 students could have ingested the contaminated salad dressing.

District 49 spokesperson Stephanie Wurtz said the student admitted to pouring a liquid from a Visine eye dropper into the salad dressing, but he said that it was just water. A search for the Visine bottle in question turned up empty.

Wurtz said the school sent notices to parents about the symptoms of Visine consumption which include nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, low body temperature and possible seizures.

"According to the medical staff, you'd have to consume quite a bit of Visine for it to have any kind of really substantial effect," Wurtz said. "So, our hope is that isn't the case for any of the students."

Parents waiting to pick up their children after school were alarmed by what happened.

"You know what's crossing my mind is bullying. Why would some student want to do that to other students or to make other people ill," said CaDonna Trujillo.

"It does worry me because, you know, that could lead to other things and this obviously is not quite as troubling as what could have happend, but yes is is worrisome," added Brian Waldie.

The student was arrested charges of Reckless Endangerment and Interference with School, Staff and Faculty.

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