Oct 7, 2009 11:25 PM by James Jarman

Pain & love, military families come together

It's been a tense and terrible few days for our local military families.  First finding out about the tragic weekend in which 8 soldiers were killed, then the excruciating wait to find out if their soldier's alive.  

Online at blogs and websites authored by military family members you can get a glimpse their lives, afterall, as one military family member told us, they're fighting, praying and dying for our country.

With thousands of soldiers from the Mountain Post in Afghanistan, when word came out of the deadly weekend, all at once thousands of families faced the same fear.

"You just kind of go into this panic mode," Tammy Munson told News First 5.  Her husband's serving in Afghanistan and she writes about him on her blog Armyhousehold6.com

When she heard about the deaths of 8 soldiers she anxiously sat at home wondering, "is somebody going to be ring my doorbell?  And anybody that walks by your door you just instantly tense up and... please don't... keep walking, don't let the doorbell ring, nobody knock on the door," she said.

Given the bond military families have, she says she wasn't surprised that her website and others have been flooded with emails of support.  "Everybody just immediately was like 'What can we do?' You know, of course, prayer and 'you need anything let us know' and it was just this constant flood of support for the families involved," she said.

Tari Cofield, chapter president of Rampart Range Blue Star Mothers described the weekend as "a parents worst nightmare, it really is, it's a communities worst nightmare."

Her group provides support for mothers who have children serving in the military.  They're also available to direct the community to groups that need help, such as adopting a soldier, "there are kids out there that never get letters, there are kids that never get packages."

Latest confirmed information from Department of Defense news releases can be found here.


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